There are many different farm equipment that farmers can use in order to grow sunflowers on their land. Functioning in many different parts of the sunflower farming process, these sunflower farm equipment are useful from start to finish, tilling to harvesting.

sunflower farm equipment

One of the most basic sunflower farm equipment that is used is the tiller. Rotary tillers to be more precise, are the most commonly used type of tiller that farmers prefer for their planting their sunflowers. Usually motorized, rotary tillers are cultivators that work and condition the soil with the use of rotating blades. Rotary tillers do the job faster than regular hoes do, increasing the amount of work that farmers can handle to grow their sunflowers.

Sunflower Farm EquipmentFertilizers are also materials that farmers use in order to grow sunflowers. There are many different types of fertilizers that can be used to maximize the growth potential of sunflowers, and they vary from preference and effectiveness depending on the type of sunflower and the location.

Harvesters are another sunflower farm equipment that is commonly used, this time for the harvesting part of farming. Harvesters are machines that strip the sunflowers from the soil, dramatically decreasing the amount of time necessary for harvesting full-grown sunflowers that are ready for processing.