How to Farm Sunflowers are an excellent source of income, as they provide access to producing many different products that are in high demand, like sunflower oil and sunflower seeds. This is why many business-minded men and women have gotten into the business of sunflower farming. But how does one farm sunflowers?

How to Farm SunflowersSunflowers are usually grown right next to walls or some other area with a shaded support structure. This technique of growing sunflowers is suboptimal, as growing sunflowers in an open area is a better and more viable option.

It is important for sunflowers to be grown in a location where they can receive as much sunlight as they can on a daily basis. Growing sunflowers in a southern house wall or a free-standing location are considered very preferable for the sunflower.

The growth of sunflowers differ each season that you grow them. Sunflowers usually become taller and stronger if its growers prepare the soil properly.

How to Farm SunflowersTry digging compost or manure into the soil bed where you wish to plant sunflowers at a depth of roughly around 2 to 3 feet. The soil from which the sunflowers are growing must also be soft in order for the water to completely be absorbed and drain to the roots of the flower. Don’t make them too loose though, as the soil should still be able to handle and support the sunflower.